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Will there be help in marketing especially digital marketing?

Will I have an online presence as a corporate service?

Yes, your online presence is very important to us and we will try hard to maintain it.

How important is Networking?

For any business to run successfully, enough information needs to be gathered about the users and the target audience of the businesses product or service. To gather this information, networking is of utmost importance.

What is unique about Treasures Repairs?

Treasure Repairs is unique because of the following reasons: a) Multi brand service chain and training institute chain. b) It is the only company running its own institute for training & developing manpower for repair, maintenance, and other customer services.

What are the advantages of Treasures repairs as a corporate service support system?

The unique concept of Treasures Repairs is that it is the perfect combination of training with reliable service & latest technology and the long-term support system.

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