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09 Nov

Maintaining your laptop and all of its peripheral devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.) It is important to clean and maintain them regularly. Here, we will discuss the upkeep of the keyboard. Use the following tips to maintain your keyboard.

1) Avoid liquids near your peripherals and technical equipment as beverages may cause unrepairable damage to your desktop, laptop and peripherals.

2) Storing your unused peripherals in a clean & dry place extends the lifetime of your devices and indirectly aids the life of your desktop/laptop.

3) Press the keys softly- Many people have a habit of making tapping sounds while typing. It might look cool and weirdly also has a satisfying feeling but it damages the keyboard.

4) Keep it in a clean and dry place- Keep your keyboard in a clean and dry place to increase the life of a keyboard and indirectly the life of the laptop/computer.

5) Cover it from dust – Keep your keyboard away from dust and moisture. Try to cover it after use.

6) Manage the wires properly – The wires of the keyboard must be handled with care in case of a PC. Keeping weights on it or pulling it or folding it too many times, might break it.

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