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iPad Repair Service

We can fix all your iPad related issues.

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iPad repair is our speciality we are one of the original UK service providers for fast high quality iPad repairs. We offer full in house repair services for the Apple iPad, iPad Air and the iPad mini. Our iPad Repair service uses the most advanced bonding technique in replacing your devices damaged touch screen glass.

If you have dropped or damaged your iPad screen let us help you. With our expert UK based iPad repair service we can replace or repair the majority of parts on your iPad including the LCD screen, glass touch screen repair, dock connector replacement, headphone jacks, speakers, internal flex cables, no backlights issues,  We are here to help please give us a call and we will get your iPad repaired by our trained technicians.

Benefits of Treasures Repairs

  • Well trained highly skilled and customer friendly technicians!

    Our highly skilled technicians are capable of handling various types of repairs, including repairing the motherboard chips. All types of gadgets are welcome here for repair, no fix – no fee.

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    We take our customers very seriously and upholding their trust is priority to us. We cater to them 24/7. Any queries that the customer might have will be dealt with at the earliest over the phone or via email.

  • Genuine Hardware Promise

    We make sure that all the spares that we use are 100% genuine. If we do not happen to find the genuine, we will replace it with the best possible option after you approve.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    As per our terms, if we repair your gadget but it does not end up working, we will refund the full amount to you within the guarantee period specified without any questions asked.

  • Warranty on Repairs

    Treasures repairs offers a warranty on recently repaired devices for a period of time. This excludes any physical or liquid damage.

  • Fastest Phone Unlock Service

    Cashback guarantee on our unlocking services, if the phone cannot be unlocked then you will be issued with a refund

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