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09 Nov

How to maintain your Keyboard?

Maintaining your laptop and all of its peripheral devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.) It is important to clean and maintain them regularly. Here, we will discuss the upkeep of the keyboard. Use the following tips to maintain your keyboard. 1) Avoid liquids near your peripherals and technical equipment as beverages may cause unrepairable damage to your

09 Nov

Information on hard drives

All computer data is stored on a computer hard drive. The Hard Disk Drive (or HDD), is the secondary computer storage device, and the Random Access Memory or RAM is the primary. Any data on the RAM is volatile and will be lost if the computer shuts down. An explanation on Hard Drives Installing or

09 Nov

How to replace the Laptop screen?

A laptop can be unusable with a cracked screen but is not very difficult to fix. Depending on the screen, the cost is generally between INR 3000 and INR 12500. If it’s a high-end display or you buy an OEM replacement, it costs more. To replace the screen, you will need to remove the broken one.

09 Nov

Progression of the Boot Process

The boot process occurs whenever you turn your computer on. It is hard to see because it happens quickly. After pressing the power button, in a few minutes, Windows XP, or Windows Vista, or whatever Operating System you use gets loaded. In this blog, you will find out what really happens when you press the

09 Nov

How to know whether your mobile screen is an original or copy?

These days, there are many mobile phone brands and increased competition. This reduces cost and increases purchase which in turn increases the need for spare parts. Suppliers take advantage of this scenario and sell real and fake parts. So within these three, it is very difficult to find the original one and differentiate it from

21 Feb

iPad Repairs in surrey, UK

Do you require your iPad or tablet to be repaired? Treasures has modern equipment and professionally skilled technicians that are capable of repairing your damaged tablet. Our qualified and trustworthy staff are capable of offering the top standards when it comes to iPad repairs. We begin all of our repair processes with a diagnostic and