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09 Nov

A laptop can be unusable with a cracked screen but is not very difficult to fix.
Depending on the screen, the cost is generally between INR 3000 and INR 12500. If it’s a high-end display or you buy an OEM replacement, it costs more. To replace the screen, you will need to remove the broken one.

Carefully examine the bezel around the screen once you have disconnected the power supply and removed the battery. Remove the bezel to access the screws that hold the LCD panel in place.
Several rubber cushions hide the screws in the laptop, which hold the bezel in place. Remove the cushions and the screws underneath.
After this, use a thin metal blade to loosen one of the bottom corners and work your way around the bezel with a plastic spudger.
Note: Sometimes, laptops may not have cushions or hidden screws and the bezel may simply snap onto the lid or be held in place with double-sided tape.

Step 1. Removal of the broken LCD Panel

As the LCD’s mounting brackets are exposed, it will be easy to remove the screws that secure it to the lid. After this, keep the display front-side-down on the case and disconnect its cable.

Step 2. Install the new LCD panel

Unpack your new screen and make sure it matches the old one. If the dimensions, mounting brackets match, you are ready to install the screen. Connect the cable to the new panel, place the panel in the lid, and secure it using the correct screws.

Step 3.Testing the new LCD panel and reinstalling the bezel

Test the new panel before reattaching the bezel. Reconnect the power cable and battery and turn the machine on. Reattach the bezel after testing and any external screws and rubber cushions. This is where the repair is complete.

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