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  • All attachments should be removed before the device is sent for repair (Battery, charger, memory chard, SIM Card, pouches, leather cases, stylus, booklets etc.)
  • During repair it is possible that your phone might loose data so make sure that you backup all information
  • If the user believes that an accessory of the phone is a part of the fault, only then should an accessory be sent in.
  • A seven days warranty is constant for all our repairs (this excludes liquid/physical damage).
  • The warranty will be with regards to the work we did and not to any other unrelated fault that occurred within the 7 days following the original repair. Liquid/physical damages or spares that have been replaced carry no warranty.
  • By sending in your phone /Laptop for repair you agree to our mentioned terms and conditions.
  • Original job sheet must be shown by the customer when the repairs is done and he/she is taking the delivery of the product. If the original job sheet is lost, the company reserves the right to refuse delivery of the products. When this happens, the company, the delivery of the product is given to the customer only after submitting the proof regarding lawful ownership of the product in question. Also, we will crosscheck the identity of the person claiming the product. Without the job sheet, the company shall be absolved from any of the liabilities while handing the product over.
  • If the product found is waterlogged, liquid damaged or pampered as a result of repairs carried out by unprofessional repairers, then the company is not obliged to undertake any repairs and the decision of company in this matter shall be final.
  • When the product accepted for repair, the estimate given at the time is provisional and may vary after diagnosis and detailed inspection. If the final expected charge is more than the initial stated cost, the company will wait for approval from the customer before beginning repairs (consent given either in writing or on the phone). If the final estimate is not approved by the customer within 7 days, the product will be returned to the customer in the condition that the product is in detailed inspection has been carried out and company will not be responsible for the product whatsoever.
  • On a general basis, the company shall make the efforts to repair the product within 2 days from the date of receipt of the faulty product. However, if there is a non-availability / shortage of spare parts that are critical or if the fault is complicated, the turn around time of the repair may take longer than the indicated time for delivery as mentioned herein. The company is not responsible for any loss whatsoever which the customer may suffer in case of delay in repair for such afore-mentioned reasons.
  • Delivery of the product shall be taken by the customer within 5 days of the date of delivery / intimation (telephonic / written / message), on payment of the charges as mentioned in job sheet or as agreed by the customer at the time of confirmation. This is regardless of whether the product has been repaired or not. If the delivery has not been taken by the customer within 30 days from the delivery date / written intimation, in such a case the company reserves the right to auction / sell the product to recover the repair and auction charges from the customer. The company also reserves the right to recover from the customer any deficit amount post such sale / auction of the product.
  • If charges have not been paid by the customer to the company, at the time of delivery of the said product,The said product can be retained by the company till the time these charges have been paid by the customer to the company.
  • The company shall not be liable for any delays, non-performance, failure or non-delivery of the product due to contingencies arising from any force such as earthquake, fire, storm, accident, strikes, lockout, labour trouble, transportation embargo, industrial dispute, civil commotion, riot, inability to obtain material, refusal to license, existence of any state emergency, war, imposition of sanction of any measure taken by government which renders it impossible or impractical for company to perform, supply, service or deliver the product to customer.
  • In case of any memory setting and data loss during repair of the product, the company is not liable. Once goods/parts/accessories are sold, they will not be taken back.
  • If a product becomes defective during repairs and cannot be brought back to the original condition in which the product was delivered to company for repairs, in such event, company will not be liable for the product becoming defective and shall not be required or called upon by the customer to pay any compensation for the same.
  • Any defective parts replaced during repairs, including batteries etc. are immediately destroyed and will not be returned.

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